Commitment to ethics

Letter from the board of directors

Letter from the board of directors

Ethics channel

This is the company’s channel of communication with all its interest groups to resolve questions related to the code of ethics. Any person who has a reasonable sign of any irregularity or unlawful act may communicate it to the Ethics committee of Nortegas by sending an email to:

At the Nortegas Group, WE WANT to be recognised as an open, smart and ethical organisation.

Our ETHICAL VALUES are: Integrity, Equality and Responsibility.

Those values are the reference framework that must underpin the basic conduct of all the individuals making up the Nortegas Group in order to comply with the responsibilities of their posts, in accordance with the principles of loyalty to the Company, good faith, integrity and respect for the law and ethical values.

The Code of Ethics provides an ethics model for all employees of the Nortegas Group, as well as for its stakeholders, as it establishes the general guidelines on how to act and behave and it defines a compulsory benchmark in line with our Values.

The Nortegas Group defends and fosters the commitment to comply with the doctrine of human rights. It has therefore established a moral and ethical base that must underpin the activity of the Company and ensure an integrated relationship between people and the company.

In particular, the Nortegas Group fosters the initiatives and practices that promote respecting human rights, including those regarding sexual identity and freedom of worship, rejection of harassment at work, maintaining workplace safety and health & hygiene to facilitate healthy and safe working conditions and rejecting the consumption of illegal substances at the work centre.

The Nortegas Group will not allow unsafe behaviour that may seriously harm people and/or facilities. All employees must know and carefully comply with the standards to protect health and safety at the workplace in order to prevent and minimise the risks and ensure their own safety and that of other employees, customers, suppliers, associates and, in general, of all the people that may be affected by the implementation of its activities.

All employees are required to treat their colleagues, their superiors and their subordinates fairly and respectfully. In the same way, the relations between the employees of the Company and those of the external associate companies or entities will be based on professional respect and mutual cooperation.

Nortegas will foster gender equality as regards access to employment, training, professional promotion and to appropriate remuneration and working conditions.

The Nortegas Group is aware of the importance of work-life balance. It will therefore promote the conciliation policies that facilitate the necessary balance between the family and personal life of its employees and their work.

The Nortegas Group encourages all employees to know the legislation and internal regulations applicable to the activities of the Company. They must likewise know and comply with all the legislation and regulations applicable to their job and their duties within Nortegas, and abide by the spirit and purpose of those rules. Actions as regards taxation shall follow the guidelines of the “Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (OECD).

The Nortegas Group undertakes to provide the necessary measures to safeguard the privileged information in the different business areas, and to correctly use it and avoid any action that may lead to a market manipulation and/or abuse situation, including attempted manipulation.

The Nortegas Group hereby declares its commitment to strictly observing the legislation to protect competition and undertakes to compete on the markets legally and transparently, by abstaining from any type of deception, confusion, smearing, comparison or imitation, as well as from exploiting someone else’s reputation.

The Nortegas Group has therefore defined environmental management policies, strategies and systems focused on protecting the environment and the setting in which the Group operates.

Nortegas works with suppliers, retailers and third parties that will have to apply the relevant corrective and preventive measures to foster environmental responsibility and sustainability. They shall have effective systems in place to identify, control and process the environmental impacts of the activities carried out.

The Nortegas Group will provide all employees with the necessary resources to carry out their professional activity and undertakes to provide the appropriate measures to protect and safeguard them.

All employees who have access to the assets of the Company, including the computer systems, shall use them in an appropriate and responsible way and have the relevant permits, in the context of their professional activity. Furthermore, they must protect and safeguard the assets from any inappropriate use that may harm the interests of the company.

Nortegas respects the right to privacy of its employees and of any third party related to Nortegas in all its forms and in particularly as regards personal data, and undertakes to comply with current personal data protection legislation at any given time.

Nortegas hereby assumes the commitment to provide its customers with clearly worded and straightforward information and contracts. In the pre-contractual and contractual relations, they will be given information with total transparency and be informed of the different existing alternatives, in particular, those referring to services, products and tariffs. Under no concept may the customers be given vague, ambiguous or wrong information that may lead to error or to making wrong decisions with respect to the services offered by Nortegas.

Nortegas shall likewise guarantee the confidentiality of the data processed by always and rigorously applying current data protection legislation.

Nortegas undertakes to ensure that all its suppliers and contractors know the conduct rules and values of this Code, and expects them to rigorously respect and abide by the principles and values set out herein, along with obeying the applicable legislation and regulations. The aim is to create a framework of trust, cooperation and mutual respect between both parties.

The Nortegas Group’s relations with the Public Administrations are based on the rules of legality, integrity, collaboration, cooperation and transparency, and ruling out any action aimed at achieving an advantage over competitors.

The Nortegas Group emphatically rejects any type of corruption and has a zero-tolerance policy regarding any type of corrupt practice, conduct or behaviour, and any type of corruption, bribery or influence peddling of civil servants or public authorities are forbidden.

The Nortegas Group does not tolerate any type of corruption and/or bribery, with those being taken to be employees using non-ethical practices to obtain any benefit for the company or for themselves. It undertakes to operate with integrity, avoiding any type of corruption and complying with the applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation.