The advantages of natural gas

The advantages of natural gas

more space and a more streamlined look

More space and a more streamlined look

With natural gas, you gain new space, as there is no need for bottles or tanks. A natural gas installation is very simple and barely visible.

greater comfort

Greater comfort

Feel more comfortable in your home: because a radiator-based heating system doesn’t move the air, it’s a great choice for people with respiratory problems.

safer natural gas


Natural gas is lighter than air, so it doesn’t build up, instead dissipating into the air.

gas natural environmentally friendly

Cleaner and more environmentally friendly

Natural gas is cleaner and has more environmental benefits. A 100% natural source of energy.

natural gas easier


The supply of natural gas is continuous, so you can use hot water whenever you want—no need to depend on tanks or bottles.

gas natural more affordable

More affordable

You pay for what you use, and because the market is de-regulated, you can enjoy combined discounts on your gas and electricity bill.