Tips on staying safe when using gas

Tips on staying safe when using gas

Safety tips to keep in mind to help you keep your gas installation working perfectly:

open all your windows

If you smell gas

Open all your windows right away. Do not switch the lights on or off, light matches or use lighters. Turn off the gas using the shut-off valve. The valve is closed when it is perpendicular to the gas pipe.
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never cover your vents

Never cover your vents

Gas appliances must always be located in a room with enough ventilation to ensure complete combustion. Keep your vents in good condition. Vents should never be blocked.

keep your extractor hood and your boiler separate

Keep your extractor hood and your boiler separate

Your boiler and extractor hood shouldn’t be able to run at the same time. A safety switch is installed to ensure that both appliances cannot be used simultaneously.

check your hob burners

Check your hob burners

The flame should be blue and shouldn’t go out when you turn the burner down to its lowest setting.

flame should be blue

The flame should be blue

The flame should burn steadily and silently; the inner part should be bright blue, and the outer edge should be lighter. If the flame turns yellow, you should call for service.

don’t spill liquids

Don’t spill liquids

When cooking with gas, try not to spill liquids that could put out the flame, and keep the flame from extending past the side of the pot. This saves energy and keeps gas from leaking out without burning.

close all gas valves

Close all gas valves

If you’re going to be away for some time, close all gas valves, most importantly the shut-off valve (window valve).

get your gas installation checked

Get your gas installation checked

Your gas distributor will schedule and carry out the required periodic inspection every 5 years, but you should also have your gas installation and appliances checked to ensure that they are working properly.

maintenance certificate

Maintenance certificate

The owner of a gas installation is responsible for keeping it maintained.

call an authorised gas installer

Call an authorised gas installer

Remember, all modifications on your gas installation (changing the boiler, switching from a gas hob to a ceramic one, etc.) must be carried out by an authorised gas installer.

keep an eye on your installation

Keep an eye on your installation

The flexible tube through which gas enters an appliance should be firmly attached by clamps on both ends.

problems with your gas installation

Problems with your gas installation

If you detect a problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the manufacturer’s technical support team or an authorised company to fix it as soon as possible.