Characteristics of propane gas

Characteristics of propane gas

Propane gas is a type of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a hydrocarbon (composed of hydrogen and carbon) extracted from gas pockets found in nature or obtained by refining petroleum.

Piped propane can provide you with all the energy you need for your home or business, supplying you with hot water as well as energy for cooking, heating and air conditioning.


We supply piped LPG to your property through a tank (above-ground or underground), which is managed and filled by nortegas, with no need for you to order a top-up. nortegas offers an emergency line available 24 hours a day.

A single tank supplies LPG to nearby properties; each building is fitted with meters in a communal area which register each household’s gas consumption.

In accordance with the law, the meters are read by nortegas, so they need to be located in an accessible cabinet or room. You will be billed for your gas consumption based on your meter reading.