Boiler rooms:
The hot water and heating solution for home-owners’ associations

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If you are a property manager or in charge of managing your home-owners’ association, you are aware of how important it is to contract the best services while at the same time controlling costs.

As you know, home-owners’ associations with central heating earmark nearly half of the total budget to operating and maintaining those installations. Therefore, Nortegas wishes to be your natural gas distributor for heating the properties of your home-owners’ associations.

If you are considering a change of system or a new installation, we have a team of experts to advise you.

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Boiler rooms are technical areas with the different heat production equipment that supply hot water and heating for a home-owners’ association or a series of housing units.

Boiler rooms can be outside or inside the building. If they are inside the building, they are usually at ground level or on adjoining land, on the rooftop or in a semi-basement.

Depending on the location of each home-owners’ association, these are the different alternatives to convert to natural gas:

  • Installing a new boiler room.
  • Converting the current boiler room to natural gas.
  • Providing the heating and/or hot water on an individual basis.

Efficiency and savings

Natural gas offers many advantages over diesel and is therefore the most appropriate option for the central boilers of home-owners’ associations:

  • More efficient. The new installation leads to lower consumption, around 20% less.
  • More cost-effective. Natural gas is around 20-30% cheaper than diesel, depending on consumption.
  • More accurate. You pay exactly for what you use, not a rough estimate.
  • Greater peace of mind. Thanks to the constant supply, you do not have to worry about filling the tank.
  • More space. Space is gained by removing the thank and which can be used for storage units, garage space… thus obtaining an extra benefit for the home-owners’ association.
  • Safer. Natural gas does not need to be stored. As it is lighter than air, it tends to rise outside the premises, thus making your home-owners’ association safer.

How do they work?

Well-being and comfort are fundamental to enjoy being at home, and there is nothing better than walking into a warm house when it is cold outside.

Therefore, and to guarantee that well-being and comfort at home, natural gas central heating provides constant heat, along with lower maintenance costs, which makes it the best option.

Natural gas central heating for home-owners’ association provides healthy, safe and constant heat, emitted through radiators and without drying out the atmosphere. It also offers a very important advantage for property managers, as costs are much lower, while maintaining the quality.

The way it functions is very easy. The flames in the central boiler heat the water that circulates through the pipes. The hot water in the pipes is taken to the radiators in the home and heats the different rooms.

As it is a closed water circuit, the water is in constant movement and the cold water that returns to the central boiler is then heated again.

The temperature can be adjusted at the central boiler or at the radiators or setting the thermostats. The heating can even be programmed for the times you want and according to your needs.

Advantages and grants

Natural gas is the greenest and cleanest fossil fuel, and the one with the lowest environmental impact, as it has the lowest CO2 emissions per unit of energy used and it is does not generate solid waste, smoke or bad odours.

There are also different grants to install natural gas boilers:

  • Nortegas grants as contributions for installers
  • Financing plans through Nortegas Green Energy Solutions
  • Institutional Grants from the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), Basque Energy Board (EVE), etc.

Reducing missions

Detalle caldera

Natural gas reduces emissions of CO2, NOx, CO and other harmful gases for the atmosphere. Thus, helping in the ecological transition.

A significant reduction of the environmental impact of the emissions of polluting gases is achieved thanks to both changing the fuel from diesel to natural gas and to the improved energy efficiency of the installation.

A study is set out below of a boiler room for the properties of a residents’ association, where a reduction can be seen of 162,292 Kg. of CO2 a year, in a transition from diesel to natural gas.

DIESEL 101,50 206,05 64,96 446,60 33,50 61,92 294.350,00 68.744,94
NATURAL GAS 60,67 127,41 30,34 0,61 4,25 25,48 131.957,25 19.993,80
ABSOLUTE DIFFERENCE 40,83 78,64 34,63 445,99 29,25 36,43 162.392,75 48.751,14
REDUCTION % 40,23% 38,17% 53,30% 99,86% 87,32% 58,84% 55,17% 70,92%

Installation or adaptation

Nortegas Green Energy Solutions S.L.U will help you with the installation in the most efficient way possible, depending on the situation of your home-owners’ association:

The building does not have a boiler room

If the home-owners’ association does not have natural gas or a boiler room, contact us for a personalised study.

The building has a boiler room

If, on the other hand, the home-owners’ association does have a boiler room, there are two options:

  • Decentralisation: It consists of removing the central boiler so that each resident has an individual boiler installed at home. In those cases, Nortegas covers the costs of the communal installations and of providing, at no extra cost, the window stopcock for all the residents. Each owner has to pay for the inside installations but there is significant help available.
  • Converting the diesel boiler to natural gas: If the building has hot water and/or centralised heating using a different energy source, you can ask for the boiler room to be converted to natural gas and begin to enjoy all the advantages of using natural gas.

If you are considering a change of system or a new installation, we have a team of experts to advise you.

Just call us on 900 902 933 or request your personalised quote.

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