Periodic inspections

The periodic inspection of a gas installation consists of ensuring that it is free of leaks by inspecting its visible and accessible parts, and checking that it is in good condition; inspectors analyse the combustion of gas-powered appliances and check that the products of combustion are being eliminated properly to ensure that the installation is in compliance with all current safety regulations.

In accordance with the law, the owner or user of a gas installation is responsible for maintaining, servicing and properly using the equipment.

Gas installations must be inspected every five years. You will receive a letter from nortegas informing you of the two options you have regarding this inspection.

The first option is to carry out the inspection with a certified installation company. In this case, the company must inform nortegas of the results of their inspection through this electronic form.

The second option is to have nortegas perform the inspection. The above-mentioned letter will inform you of the earliest date on which one of our inspectors may go to your home or business to carry out the inspection. One week before the inspection, we will send a letter or post a notice on the property to confirm the exact date and time range of the inspection. If you prefer, you can contact us to schedule the inspection at a date and time that are convenient for you.

The cost of the periodic inspection service provided by nortegas is regulated by each autonomous community; you will be billed for the inspection on your next gas invoice. You will never be asked to pay the inspector directly at the time of service.

Our inspector, who will arrive at your home with proper identification consisting of an ID card, will perform an inspection that consists of the following:

checking for leaks in the gas installation


Checking for leaks in the gas installation.
checking the safety devices

Safety devices

Checking the safety devices of gas appliances.
checking carbon monoxide levels

Carbon monoxide

Checking carbon monoxide levels.
Analysis of the combustion


Analysis of the combustion of the boiler and/or heater.

After the inspection has been completed, the inspector will give you a receipt detailing the results; you will be sent the official inspection report a few days later.

The nortegas inspector will inform you of any faults found with your gas installation during the inspection so that you may have them corrected. Once these faults have been corrected, the installing company must inform nortegas of the repairs by submitting the appropriate Fault Rectification Report through our electronic system.
Fault rectification document (Basque Country) #
Fault rectification document (Asturias and Cantabria) #