Gas distribution

Gas distribution

nortegas is Spain’s second largest natural gas operator. We operate 8,100 kilometres of distribution networks across three autonomous communities (the Basque Country, Asturias and Cantabria) and have 1,016,138 supply points (as of December 2017).

At nortegas, our main line of business involves managing regulated distribution assets (which includes promoting, developing and building new infrastructure) as well as providing operation, maintenance and optimisation services.

maintenance and optimisation services

Distribution through the gas grid Distribution in satellite plants LNG and LPG supplies piped liquefied petroleum gas
Distribution through the gas grid

One of the main ways in which natural gas is transported (after being compressed) is through gas pipelines. Pumping stations located along the pipeline keep the gas flowing through the pipe. The gas is depressurised before being incorporated into the distribution network so it can be used.

Distribution in satellite plants (LNG and LPG)

The least expensive way of transporting gas over long distances is with large tank ships, or carriers, that can safely transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) to any destination in the world. In order to transport the gas, we must first liquefy it at atmospheric pressure and a temperature of -161ºC, shrinking its volume about 600 times.

The gas eventually reaches regasification plants, where it is returned to its original state so it can be used by consumers: the liquefied gas travels through pipes to cryogenic tanks and the LNG undergoes a vaporisation process to increase its temperature. The characteristic unpleasant odour is added so that leaks can be quickly detected, and then the natural gas is sent to the distribution network to be delivered to the end user.

nortegas distributes gas to customers in the regulated market and also supplies piped liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We distribute liquefied natural gas to some towns and districts through satellite plants located there.

Our business group currently has the following facilities

NORTEGAS GNL installations

Community Capacity (m3) Vaporisation (Nm3/h) Unloading (m3 (lng)/h)
Grado 120 1000 20
Colunga 60 500 20
Cangas de Narcea 158 2000 20
Corvera de Toranzo 40 500 20
Arenas de Iguña 105 1000 20
Gibaja 60 1000 20
Basque Country
Laguardia 60 500 20
Labastida 60 750 20
Elciego 20 500 20