Do you want to make sure your propane gas installation is READY TO GO?

Discover our Nortegas A PUNTO [Ready to Go] maintenance service, exclusive for Nortegas piped LPG customers.


Thanks to our NORTEGAS A PUNTO maintenance service, you will enjoy all the advantages, customer service and professional advice from our technical team.

A PUNTO GAS service

9,01 €/month + VAT

  • Annual preventive service of gas appliances, heating system and gas installation at home.
  • Certificate and processing of the service / mandatory inspection every 5 years.
  • 24/7 breakdown service all year around in under 3 hours.
  • Free call-out and 3 hours labour costs in case of breakdown.*
  • Free no-obligation quote for repairs.

* (Does not include labour costs for appliances over 15 years old, unless the Maintenance Service was taken out before they were 15 years old, or to repair damaged caused by water leaks in the thermal circuit or radiator paint).


13,60 €/month + VAT

  • Apart from all the advantages and services covered by A PUNTO GAS, it also includes the measuring and annual topping up of glycol levels for the thermal solar circuit.

With the Nortegas peace-of-mind guarantee, a large company with expensive experience in the natural gas and piped LPG sector.

Call now on 900 902 933 or fill in the following form and enjoy all the advantages of NORTEGAS A PUNTO.