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Human Resources Policy

Nortegas Energía Grupo S.L., Nortegas Energía Distribución, S.A.U., NED España Distribución Gas, S.A.U. y NED Suministro GLP, S.A.U.

This policy seeks to attract, develop, retain and integrate talent, by facilitating the professional development and the participation of all employees to fulfil the Nortegas goals, while always respecting the legal frameworks and code of ethics. It likewise prioritises respecting diversity, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and the alignment of the interests of the employees with the Nortegas strategic goals in all the process to foster a culture based on Nortegas values.

1. Attracting

Ensuring that the best professionals are attracted and recruited, by clearly and visibly defining the functions and requirements of the positions of the organisation, by prioritising internal candidates provided that the profile is appropriate, ensuring impartial and objective selection processes, facilitating access to a first professional experience through grant programmes or other agreements and using, whenever possible, permanent placement to ensure security and stability.

2. Developing

Fostering the development and professional promotion of all employees, planning training to align skills and knowledge with the business targets and values, by ensuring the adaptation of employees to organisational and technological changes, facilitating knowledge transfer within the Company, periodically assessing performance and communicating the results.

3. Retaining

Gaining the loyalty of talented workers by ensuring coherence and equity in the compensation systems, applying internal rules and collective agreements, recognising and rewarding effort, responsibility and performance, fostering effective gender equality with respect to accessing employment, jobs, professional development and work conditions and implementing conciliation measures that facilitate the work-life balance of all employees.

4. Integrating

Encouraging the feeling of belonging to the collective by involving all the employees into the daily rhythm of the business by means of setting targets that help to develop the strategy of the Company, stimulating the spirit of cooperation between all positions so each of the employees feels part of the Nortegas common project.

Human Resources Policy

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