New uses for natural gas

New uses for natural gas

It is becoming increasingly important to find alternative vehicle fuels that are more sustainable than oil.

The transport sector accounts for 30% of the world’s energy consumption, and more than 90% is oil dependent.

Fuels like natural gas have emerged in recent years as a clear substitute for oil as an energy source, due to larger proved reserves, their low impact on the environment and the degree of maturity of this technology.

NORTEGAS believes in natural gas and in pursuing new ways of developing it. And the benefits of using natural gas to fuel vehicles are such that we are currently renewing our entire fleet of vehicles to convert them to run on natural gas.

Using natural gas as a fuel for vehicles has three main advantages:

  • Environmental. Using natural gas as a vehicle fuel drastically reduces local, nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions
  • Economic. Natural gas-fuelled cars can cost up to 50% less per kilometre travelled than diesel-powered vehicles
  • Technical. Natural gas causes less wear on engines

And unlike vehicles that run on other alternative sources of energy, natural gas vehicles are just as powerful and autonomous as diesel-fuelled cars, and are not significantly more expensive.

At NORTEGAS we believe that what works well for us will work well for other companies with fleets of vehicles.

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